Late Spring 2016 Newsletter


Hi Friends,

    Spring is here in all its glory! The vineyards are growing, the vines reaching up towards the sunny sky adrift with puffs of white–a sign of moisture still in the air. As I write this I can hear the chatter of a mockingbird nearby, and catch the flit of a swallow circling its nest in an apple tree near the vineyard.

    This is our favorite time of year on the ranch. Everything is full of the promise of the harvest to come–grapes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and even the flowers will soon bring forth their bounty. It has that fresh joyful sense of newness and orderliness, everything is doing what its ordained to do.

    This past spring brought our winery an accolade that has finally validated our opinion that our wine is wonderful!


    As we mentioned in our past newsletter we were invited again this year to participate in Charlie Palmer’s Pigs and Pinot wine competition held each March at Hotel Healdsburg which sells out in minutes to guests from all over the United States and the world. Our 2014 Estate Grown Pinot Noir was up against over 60 of the some of the finest Pinot Noirs from Sonoma County and around the world. It was definitely a discriminating test for our wine.

    Not to our surprise our wine not only held its own but it won the entire contest! We received the coveted Pinot Cup, and it was a unanimous decision by all the judges, just like MVP Steph Curry!

    We are proud to say that our 2014 Estate Grown Pinot Noir is definitely the prime example of what a fabulous single clone Burgundy-style Pinot Noir wine should taste like. It represents our main goal: to bring forth the best of our terroir and of this clone’s characteristics. You, our wine club members should congratulate yourselves that you have discriminating taste, too! Thank you to all of you who have promoted and given our wine support. You have put us on the map! Finally the world is starting to learn about our wine, that it is definitively over and above other Pinots and they are learning that our terroir is the best in the world for creating fabulous Pinot Noir wine. Thank you!

    We also thank all of you who came to our annual Spring Celebration wine club pick up party held this year on April 24th. Again, it was so nice to see many long standing wine club members and meet new members. We appreciate all of you so much! We hope you had a good time. We did! It started with Margaritas, chips and salsa and moved into a delicious south of the border luncheon paired with our 2014 Pinot Noir catered by Trends Catering. We were serenaded by Alec Fuhrman's wonderful flamenco music. It was an afternoon filled with good food and convivial fun!

    Our next pick-up party is set for Sunday, September 11th. Our Harvest Hoe Down will be a classic American barbeque. We will let you know all the details as we get closer. If you have not yet joined us please make plans to include us in your schedule. We would love to see you and share our award winning wine with you. We hope it will be a relaxing event of wine, food and fun reflecting our American way of life in the warmth of a fall afternoon. We look forward to seeing you here!

Happy spring into summer!

From Dan and Jan and everyone at
O’Connell Vineyards and Vine Hill House

"True love is like a fine wine..."


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